Frequently Asked Questions
Who is Jia Finance?
Jia Finance Inc. is a technology company and direct lender specializing in enabling foreign investment in U.S. residential property. We are not a mortgage broker. Combining great service, innovative technology, and competitive pricing, our goal is to provide you with a fast, transparent, and simple process to obtain a mortgage in the United States.
What documents do I need to complete a loan application?

You shall provide the target property information, your National ID information and a credit report.

What loan types do you offer?
We offer fixed-rate and variable rate loans, such as
1. 5/6 ARM
2. 7/6 ARM
3. 30 Y Fixed
And we can provide interest-only options for all the above.
What kind of properties can be financed?
We offer loans on the following types of property: single-family homes, multi-family homes (up to four units), townhouses, condominiums, and planned developments.
Can you tell me more about the underwriting process?
We use the latest data analysis technology in our underwriting for both the property and the borrower. We leverage AI technology in our processes with real-time seamless Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering (KYC/AML) verification.
What do I need the pre-approval letter for?
Realtors and home sellers typically ask for a pre-approval letter to determine that a buyer is both earnest and qualifies for the necessary financing. It is a document that reflects a non-binding determination by Jia Finance Inc. that you can borrow a specific loan amount for a specific loan product against a specific investment property.
Is it free to get a pre-approval letter from Jia Finance Inc.?
Yes! It is completely free, and only requires a few minutes to provide us with your information and information related to the investment property.
Get started right now by downloading our WeChat mini app on Apple or on Google.
How long does it take to get a pre-approval?
We aim to provide you with a pre-approval determination (and your pre-approval letter) within minutes.
Is it possible to apply for financing on multiple properties?
Yes, we can provide pre-approvals on multiple properties. We also can provide portfolio loans for up to 8 residential units for certain investors - please Contact Us for more details.
Where can I get more information?
Great question! Fill out the Contact Us form.

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